Adrian Gatie It's quite fashionable to be called a street photographer nowadays and there is no doubting that some practitioners do indeed believe that the very term “street photographer” confers a sort of photo-journalist or documentary photographer status on themselves.
Adrian Gatie refers to himself simply as … a photographer. Having said that, it is true that a great deal of his commissioned and personal project work over the last three and a half decades has been loosely street-based.

Influenced by the photographs of Helen Levitt, Lisette Model and Andre Kertesz, Adrian Gatie began to photograph in the streets of Manchester in the late 1970s. Some of his photographs of Moss Side and Salford were published in Manchester newspapers in 1985. Shortly afterwards he was contacted by the Documentary Photography Archive via Peter Turner at Creative Camera magazine, resulting in several notable projects. Around 100 Adrian Gatie social documentary photographs are held in the DPA’s permanent collection within the National Archives. ...

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